Prolong ejaculation – Methods that are used to enjoy longest ejaculation.

Prolong ejaculationSexual health is one of the most important things that every person would want to see that they are okay especially in this line. However, this may not be necessarily the case as humans we are bound to experience or develop disorders as a result of illness and other factors. For men ejaculation is one of the most important thing when it comes to sex it has main purpose in determining their manhood.

What is the purpose of prolong ejaculation

During sex this prolong ejaculation has the following purpose:

  • purpose of prolong ejaculationOrgasm – this is one of the things that show that a man has reached his climax during sex. It is that point that every man would love to reach for them to be sexually satisfied during intimacy.
  • Fertilization – this is where sperm is passed from the male body to a female uterus where fertilization of the ovum is done. This therefore is another purpose which is important for continuity of humanity.
  • In scientific field it is useful in improving the mood of the male party where there are special hormones that are released in the body that help in improving the moods of a person.

There are however some instances that complication arises and this climax is not reached in men. This is one of the problems that are associated with this orgasm in men

Some of the problems that arise during ejaculation

  • Premature ejaculation is one of the biggest problem in male ejaculation. This is where a man has no control of his orgasm and it can come out even before sex takes place or shortly after it has started. It can cause a problem among partners since they will not both enjoy this activity. There are several ways that you can use to prevent male premature ejaculation and you can see a doctor for advice about this.
  • Delayed ejaculation is another problem that men can experience during sexual intercourse. It is where a man will not orgasm and it doesn’t happen during sex. Although, the erection is there and everything will be normal the man will not reach his climax even after going for long session of sex. The female partner will reach her orgasm but the man will not.
  • Retrograde ejaculation is another common problem in men where the semen is not passed out of the penis during climax. Even though it is released from its gland it ends up in the bladder and therefore no semen or sperm that will find its way out during sex and it will only be flushed out when urinating.
  • Inhibited ejaculation is still another problem that is associated with men climax. In this case delay ejaculation occur where it take time before it comes.

problems that arise during ejaculationThose are some of the main problem that are associated with orgasm in men and it can interfere with the sexual satisfaction in men. Even though many men like the longest ejaculation so that they can feel good for a longer time this should not be confused with where it comes automatically but should be made to happen. They should instead learn how to delay ejaculation if they would like to have a better experience.

Some of the available delayed treatment for people with this problem

Delayed treatment is available for people who naturally experience delayed ejaculation which may take time to occur may not even actually happen at all. This problem can be caused by several factors.

Causes of this problem

  • delayed treatmentWhen there is less sensitivity on the penis this can result to this problem. Some drugs such as anti depressant can cause this problem if used for longer period.
  • Age is also another cause when one get older this problem start becoming common and this is why you will find most of the people are older people.
  • Erectile dysfunction is another reason why most people experience this problem if you can have a full erection then it becomes hard to climax during a sexual intercourse.

Those are the causes for delayed ejaculation and before getting treatment it’s good to know what are the reason that you are experiencing this problem. From there it becomes easier to know the kind of delayed treatment that is more suitable to your situation.

Some of the treatment that are available for this problem include

  • Masturbation is one way that you can use to learn where your penis is most sensitive and how you can use this to ejaculate during sexual activity.
  • Use of male enhancers pills can also help to treat this problem especially where erection is the problem. These pills are available in chemist shops and can be used before the actual act start.