Painful ejaculation: Is this a sign of a testicular problem.

Painful ejaculationSex is always a pleasurable activity where people enjoy this act with the one they love. Married couple can cement their relationship with sex and this is one of the reason why people decide to stay together so that they can enjoy. However there are some instances where this is affected by various factors among them being painful ejaculation. As we know the climax of sex is what matters for men as well as for women, when then it becomes painful then it kills all the purpose to have sex. It is therefore important to have a check up as soon as possible when you first experience this problem so that you can know what is wrong with you.

Causes of pain after ejaculation and bloody ejaculation

There are many reasons why you may experience pain after ejaculation and it is only good to have a proper check up by a qualified doctor so that you can get proper treatment for the same. Below are some of the main causes of this problem in men:

  • One of the main problem is the prostatitis where prostate glands start swelling and becoming tender. Although this may sometime be confused with cancer this is actually an bacterial infection that has been neglected and not treated and hence become chronic. This problem start by a simple urinary tract infection and when not treated will move to prostate glands.
  • bloody ejaculationAnother cause for this problem can be as a result of sexually Transmitted Diseases that can infect the penis as well as other inner organs such as a the testicles. Most STDs will be followed by burning ejaculation and this is what makes it easy for men to discover that they are infected with STDs early than their female counterparts.
  • Seminal vesicle stones can also be a cause of this problem where several things can cause development of stones in the urinary duct that end up causing painful ejaculation in men. This problem can be addressed by carrying out surgical procedures that involve opening up the gland that is affected.
  • Another reason why this problem occurs is due to masturbation techniques that you use. When you use rough masturbation methods you are bound to injure your penis and as a result during sex you may experience some pain during or after sex.
  • When you have a urinary tract infection then you are most probably going to experience this problem. When this problem is not treated in advance then there may be other complications that may occur later.
  • Cancer can also be a cause of pain during sex. This is a fatal condition that require early intervention and failure by the patient to seek treatment can lead to death. This is only a symptom that you should seek immediate check up to know what is wrong.

Treatment for burning ejaculation

If you happen to feel pain during climax it is possible that you will fear having sex and try to avoid it. This should not be so as you can get the necessary treatment that can get rid of this problem.

  • burning ejaculationOne way that this problem can be treated is use of antibiotic pills especially when it’s a bacterial infection. This will help to kill bacteria and help to stop spreading of the problem to other areas.
  • Injection can also be done to stop any problem that relates to STDs as well as other form of infection that may cause this problem.
  • Therapy can also be used as a treatment especially where the muscles of the penis has been damaged. This is mostly done to patient who have used wrong masturbation techniques and as a consequence injured their male organ.

Other form of bloody ejaculation treatment for specialized problem

  • Surgical procedure can also be used to treat testicle pain. This is where the problem is in the sexual organ and can only be corrected through opening it up. However this is risky as fertility of the male organ can be affected and therefore make sure if you have to be operated then it must be a qualified person to do so.
  • Chemotherapy in case you are diagnosed with cancer

Benefit of seeking treatment

  • It helps increase sperm count.
  • The glands affected can produce more sperm as a result.
  • Bloody ejaculation is quite disgusting and therefore you will not experience it again.
  • Testicular checkup also help to ensure fertility of men.