Low sperm count: ways that are being used to fix production of sperm.

Low sperm countAs a couple may be you are trying to have a baby but you are finding it difficult and you are not sure whether it’s an infertility problem or something else. There are various ways to tell whether its infertility or other factors casing this problem. When it comes to infertility this can be either on one partner where a female or a male can be infertile. It’s however; hard to tell who has the problem unless there is a proper check up of the same. There are some few signs that you can use to tell whether its infertility problem either on men:

Symptoms that male has a low sperm count or infertility problem

When you want to know a man has some infertility problem this cannot be just seen on the face and it is almost impossible to tell a man with this problem. However there are several signs that can help to know if you have this problem:

  • When you see that you have a low semen volume this can be a good sign that you have an infertility problem.
  • When you discover that you cannot have a proper erection then this is a symptom that you have a problem. A healthy person should be able to have a strong and firm erection that can facilitate a prolong ejaculation during sex.
  • low sperm count or infertility problemIf you find that you have small testicles then this can be a symptom of infertility since this is the area where production of sperm takes place.
  • When you discover that you have a low libido then this can be a sign that you may not impregnate your wife.
  • when you get an illness that affect your testicles then this can also be a good symptom of infertility.
  • Another infertility symptom is when you start experiencing changes on growth of your hair then you should start thinking of visiting a doctor for further tests to be done.
  • Low sperm count is a symptom that can show that you may have a fertility problem.

For women infertility can also be detected through symptoms listed below where unlike in men where sperm volume matters there are many factors that can affect their fertility.

Signs and causes of fertility problem in women

  • fertility problem in womenOne of the main symptom is absence of period or what is known as menstrual cycle. This is the process where the ovum is released from the ovary for fertilization and if it doesn’t happen is flushed after period expire of fertilization which is 28 days.
  • Irregular monthly periods can also be a sign of infertility in women. As a general rule it should always be regular and when you start seeing irregular period this is a sign of infertility.
  • Just like in men infertility can cause low libido as well in women’.
  • Infertility can also cause loss of hair or changes of how it grows.
  • Some women with infertility problem will start gaining weight without justification of the same.
  • Also painful periods can be a sign but not necessarily the case.
  • Excessive bleeding during monthly periods can also be a symptom of infertility in women.

Once you have discovered that you might have a fertility problem the next step to take is to seek a medical expert who can conduct further tests on you,. You shouldn’t jump into conclusion without first having more test done on you to confirm this.

How to fix infertility problem in men

When you are seeking count treatment it is important to note that this is the main factor that has caused infertility in men. When trying to find ways on how to fix this problem it’s important to note some few things:

  • Normal sperm count ranges from 20 – 200 million sperm in 1millilitre of semen. When it is lower than this then you should start fertility treatment.
  • The semen acidity can also be a factor of fertility and therefore you have to seek semen analysis to have this tested.
  • The shape of the sperm can also affect fertility of a man.

What are some of the natural ways of count treatment

natural ways of count treatmentWhen you want to increase the sperm volume there are natural ways that you can do this and mostly through the food that you eat. Here are some of the top meals that you should eat to help in fighting this problem. The best thing about this mode of count treatment is that its natural and you don’t have to spend a lot to achieve your fertility.

  • One of the food is oyster since it contain a high content of zinc which is responsible in production of sperms in the testacies.
  • Pumpkins seed also contain a high amount of zinc that can increase fertility of men.
  • Turkey meat is also a very important white meat that can also be used to get rid of impotency in men.
  • Bananas will go along way increasing libido in men it contain special enzymes that help to in hormone production that is responsible on this. It also contain vitamin C which is vital in sperm and semen production.
  • Greens such as broccoli can be used to increase fertility as it contain Vitamin A. other types of green vegetables that can help to increase fertility in men include spinach cabbages as well as sweet potatoes.
  • Garlic is also important in your meals as it helps to increase mortality of sperm by protecting it from harmful substances in the blood.

Causes of low semen volume

Low semen volume can affect the flow of sperm and as a consequence be one of the causes of infertility.
Here are some of the reason that this occurs:

  • A weak erection can lead to this problem.
  • Side effect of some medicines can also lead to this problem.
  • Illness can cause this problem such as diabetes.
  • Injury in the sexual organ can also be another factor causing this problem.