How to increase sperm count | best ways that you can increase production.

increase sperm countInfertility among couples is one of the biggest issues that many partners are facing. It’s now a common thing to find men who cannot fertilize women and this trend is growing at an alarming rate. However, the good thing is that some of the condition can be treated or rectified while some cannot. Sperm count for instance is one of the main factors that have propagated this problem and when it is low then a man cannot fertilize a woman. If this is the case for you then you should not be worried because all you need to know is how to increase sperm count and that’s it you are done. There are various factors that can cause men to have known sperm and they are as follows.

What causes low sperm count and how to increase sperm count

When you have tried for several times to impregnate your wife and there is nothing that you are seeing fourth coming then low sperm count can be the issue that you need to get a count test to know if it is the problem for this. Here are some of the causes that you should know that have been associated with this problem and it’s better to know them before you even get tested so if you discover that you are suffering from the same then you can know the exact treatment that you should seek.

  • One of the reason that you may have this problem is due side effect of some of the medication or enhancers that you may be using. Steroids and some type of medicine can affect production of the sperm in the body leading to this problem.
  • What causes low sperm countAnother reason is where you have had surgery in your genitals and consequently some of the glands responsible in production of the sperms have been interfered with.
  • Hormone imbalance is another big problem that has contributed to this problem in men.
  • Another factor is genetics where some men inherit this problem from their parents and they cannot produce enough sperm where the problem is in the genetics.
  • Another thing is where the testicles are kept under hot condition and therefore production of sperm will usually reduce with time.
  • Illness that a boy is born with can be a problem that can cause this infertility problem.
  • Sometime this problem can occur after a man is injured in his genitals and as result blockage or injury of the sperm genitals or passage is damaged.
  • Alcohol is another factor that can contribute to this factor as well as smoking of the drugs.
  • Age can also be another factor causing this problem where older people are most likely to experience this people than younger ones. Some of the organs responsible in production of sperm can be affected over time as one become older.

Those are some of the common causes of this problem and after you realize that you have an issue with fertility hen you should know what is causing this problem in you. Some problem here can be easily dealt with and you get to produce more sperm after few treatment. It is also important to note that this should not be confused with abnormal ejaculation as there is a huge difference between the two.

What is entailed in the count test

the count testTesting of the sperm quantity in the semen is important to be sure that it’s the cause of the infertility problem that you having. This is a simple procedure that will involve a sample of the sperm from a man that is acquired through either masturbation and the number of sperm is tested in one milliliter of semen. A normal count should be more than twenty million per milliliter up to over two hundred and fifty depending with fertility of the man.
This can be done either at home or at hospital. There are some kits which are usually sold in the market where you can test yourself while at the hospital semen volume analysis is usually carried out as well. Whenever you have tested yourself at home and you discover that your count is okay then you should seek a medical checkup where more analysis can be done to your semen to establish the real cause of the problem you are facing.

What is checked during semen volume analysis

Once you realize that your sperm count is normal or above minimum but you are having infertility problem then the only way to find out what is wrong with you is through analysis of the semen. When this is carried out the doctor will be trying to find out the following things:

  • The acidity level of your semen – this is done so that the chemical makeup of your semen can be established. When the semen PH is lower than 7 then it can be said to be acidic while its over 8 then it is said to be alkaline. A normal PH for semen should be between 7-8 where sperm can survive and moves freely.
  • Shape of the sperm – some fertility problem are caused by the shape of the sperm that affect fertilization as well as movement of the sperm flat and round head sperm may not be able to penetrate an ovum and this can be discovered through a sperm analysis test.
  • Viscosity of the semen – after ejaculation the semen is heavy and this is for protection of the sperm as it passes through the urethra in the penis to the uterus of the woman.

However after few minutes its start liquefying for easy movement of the sperm. If it doesn’t liquefy this mean that it’s hard for sperm to reach its destination.

How to increase sperm count and increase production

If you are wondering how to increase sperm then here are some of the ways that you can improve it naturally:

  • One way to increase production of sperm is through eating well especially a balanced diet and this is the best natural way.
  • How to increase sperm countYou can produce more sperm by exercising regularly and this is also another natural way of gaining your sexual health.
  • You can increase fertility rate if you increase semen volume that will aid in protection and movement of the sperm to its destination.
  • You should also try to reduce exposing your body to chemicals that have really caused this problem to escalate.

How to increase semen volume and increase production of sperms

Increasing the amount of semen is crucial for anyone who is looking to treat their fertility problem. However many do not know how to increase semen. Below are ways that you can increase this:

  • Use of pills that are sold in chemist can increase ejaculate.
  • Use of supplements ca also help to raise the volume of semen.
  • If you want know how to cum more then you should also east meals that are reach in zinc as well as drink a lot water.
  • You can also try to learn how to delay ejaculation that can help in increasing the volume of the semen you produce.

Things to note when going about infertility problem in men

infertility problem in menIt is important to note that these treatment would not work immediately and you will have to play your part without losing patience. You can keep on trying until when you are successful in impregnating your wife. While you are at that period when you and your partner are looking to make a baby it is advisable that you should stay away from alcohol, smoking and drugs that can interfere with your fertility or quality of the sperm that you produce. By following the above points then you can rest assured that you will enjoy a good time in your quest of seeking a baby.