How much sperm is in one ejaculation | Truth and myths about this matter.

How much sperm is in one ejaculationMany men have been experiencing fertility problem due to lower sperm count that has really caused many break ups among many families. Recent scientific research has also shown that sperm count has been declining with time and the trend will continue if nothing is done to address this issue. You will wonder how many sperm in one ejaculation is ideal for fertilization. If you have a sperm count test and you find that you have more than 20 million sperm per milliliter then that is considered to be normal and it can go up to 200 million. That is the range which is said to be acceptable. If you find out that you have a lower count than this then this is something that should make you worried. And you may need to see a doctor. There are various causes to low sperm count in men and you may need to know for you to properly deal with this problem as well as making sure that you can prevent it.

Causes of low sperm count

  • It has emerged that most of the chemicals that is being used as pesticide has been a cause of this problem especially for men in the rural areas. The chemical in these drugs interfere with the hormones and prevent them from working as they are supposed to work.
  • Causes of low sperm countObesity is another cause that has made this problem to escalate further. It is estimated that many people are suffering from obesity and this problem can even be passed to children who are sired by fathers who are obsessed.
  • Emotional problem leading to stress and depression can also be said to be a major cause of this problem. Stress is said to interfere with hormones responsible in production of sperm and as a result of this situation may people are suffering due to this problem.
  • Another factor that has played a huge role in causing this problem is the STDs which damage the reproduction glands. In case a person is infected with any of this diseases and fails to get proper treatment then they can experience this problem.
  • Bad lifestyle that many men are living eating food without thinking what are the benefits or damages that it will cause. Eating meals that are packed in plastic bags is one of the main issue which is also causing this problem to grow even further.
  • Failure to exercise is also another cause of this problem where many people spend most of the time in the offices seated and when they reach home spend their time watching TV this has had a negative impact on fertility.

How you can treat this problem if you have it

There are several ways that you can avoid getting this problem and it include.

  • Eating healthy meals such as fish turkey and oysters that have a high amount of inc required for production of sperm.
  • Exercising regularly to help in the blood flow into every area of the body.
  • Also avoid hot bath as it does not create conducive environment for production of sperm.
  • Avoid wearing tight pants and underwear which also inhibit production of the sperm.

What is the required sperm quantity to fertilize an ovum fact and myth

Many people have different believes on how pregnancy occur some of these believes are myth which is not true. Some of these believes are:

  • required sperm quantity to fertilize an ovumSperm will die few hours after it is ejaculate- this can be true if it is only exposed in air but when it is inside a woman body it can live for up to 5 days before it die. This therefore mean that a woman can still be impregnated even if you have sex a few days before ovulation takes place.
  • Many people believes that you must have sexual intercourse several times for you to be impregnated. This is not true as one ejaculation is enough to impregnate a woman. A normal male can produce more than 200million sperm per ejaculation and it is only required for one sperm to fertilize an ovum.

What you can do to increase the quality of sperm

  • increase the quality of spermQuit smoking and alcohol.
  • Avoid contact with chemicals.
  • Always eat healthy.
  • Make sure that you keep your scortum in a cool environment.