How does ejaculation work: the science behind this process in men.

How does ejaculation workThe word ejaculation means the action of discharging semen from the body through the penis. Even though it has also been sued in female for squirting it original meaning is based on male release of semen and sperm from the body. This is the term that is used to refer to the male climax during a sexual intercourse. The process of orgasm is a complex one and you might have asked yourself how does ejaculate work. For your information this process is complex and usually takes places in phases but before this you need what is required for climax to happen.

Factors that contribute to ejaculation

  • Hormones – this is hormone called testosterone which is produced by the testicles glands.
  • Blood capillaries – responsible in flow of blood in the penis and erection that is a prerequisite of ejaculation.
  • Muscle – this is the tissue that support the penis shaft and allow the penis to enlarge during erection.
  • Nerves – help the penis to be sensitive and this is what makes erection to be possible as well, as ejaculation.

What are the main steps that take place for ejaculation to be possible

  • Testosterone is released that play an important role in helping arousal of the man. This is where the desire to have sex is first felt in the brain and later sent to the sexual organ through the spinal code.
  • Erection will then follow where capillaries in the penis are filled by the blood and flow of blood in the penis raises as well.
  • steps that take place for ejaculationThe muscle of the penis start to enlarge and become firm and the scrotum start pulling towards the body and this help the body to increase tension which is useful for ejaculation.
  • Then the next step involve higher heartbeat rate where blood pump rate increases and the tension in the penis increases. It’s at this point that a clear fluid start coming out of the penis and its purpose is to clean the urethra and help the sperm to pass through without any mortality.
  • Ejaculation now will happen during this stage where a series of rapid contraction happen and as well as that of the penile muscles. The semen is pushed out of the urethra by the contraction force where the higher the semen volume the greater the force.
  • Erection is lost almost immediately and blood flow around the penis and contraction of the muscle at once.

However you may not experience the above procedure if you have ejaculation disorder.

Some of the ejaculation problem that are there

  • Premature ejaculation where climax happen even before penetration into the woman vagina. This is a condition where control of one ejaculation is impossible and it is caused by several things.
  • Anxiety – when a man is anxious before sex with a woman then it is most likely that you are going to ejaculate before penetration.
  • Guilty – if you a man has been unfaithful to her partner then when they start having sex premature ejaculation can happen any time.
  • Stress and depression – a man who is under emotional problem can experience this problem as well. This is due to the problem of the brain and how it sends messages to the sexual organ.

However this problem can easily be treated through seeking psychological help and also through the use of condoms and creams that are sold to help reduce sensitivity of the penis.

  • Delayed ejaculation where there is no ejaculation and in case it will be there it takes too long to come
  • Retrograde ejaculation where semen does not get out of the penis but rather enters the bladder.

Signs that you have a problem of ejaculation

  • problem of ejaculationBloody ejaculation – in case you find that in your ejaculation the semen contain some traces of blood then this is a sign that everything is not ok and you need to see a doctor.
  • Painful ejaculation – if you experience pain during ejaculation then this shows that there is something wrong in your sexual organ and you need to get necessary tests to know what is wrong
  • Dry ejaculation – if you notice that even when you ejaculate there is no semen coming out then you may need to seek medical help.