Female ejaculation – Is it really possible to have this during normal sex.

Female ejaculationThere are many people who are not aware that female ejaculation does happen. Many women have never experience this in their life and those who know this confuse this orgasm which is a total different thing. For those who are still wondering what is female ejaculation they should know this is what is commonly known as squirting. This is one of the way that a woman can experience sexual pleasure through reaching the female prostrate commonly known as G-spot that when reached causes women to experience this pleasure. Many men do not know that this is one of the best places where you can play with, to make your woman and happy scream loud.

Women ejaculation – where does it come from

If you are there thinking how to make your woman ejaculate then there are several things that you will need to know about. Here are some few tips that you can use to help your lady enjoy this great pleasure that comes with female ejaculation.

  • Women ejaculationFirst you will need to involve your partner and let her know what you are trying to achieve and this will make this experience even better.
  • Try to find where her G-spot is located and this can be achieved through by proper foreplay. This is the best way since you can use your fingers to find it easily.
  • Once you find it try to arouse it as much as you can, this is done by playing with it and your partner will help you to find this spot.
  • Once you achieve this then you will discover that there will be fluid that will start building and this is what is required for squirting to occur.
  • Lastly you have to encourage and tell your partner it’s alright to ejaculate because many don’t release this fluid thinking its urine.

That’s all about women ejaculation and you now know where it come from so that you can have a better intimate action the next time and know how you can maximize pleasure.

What is different in male ejaculation

Just like in female ejaculation the men also experiences this when they are at the climax of sex. Male ejaculation is a fluid that is composed of semen and sperms which are in whitish in color. For men it is easy to know when they have had their orgasm as this fluid is sign that they have reached their climax. Where women it doesn’t necessary come out. This is why women can even fake their orgasm as it’s something that cannot be seen.

Some of the problems associated with male ejaculation

Men are not always guaranteed of having an ejaculation and it sometime fail to occur or it can occur very early. Some of these disorder are:

  • Problems associated with male ejaculationEarly ejaculation is one disorder which is related to this problem. This is where a man experiences an orgasm even before penetration into woman vagina or shortly after penetration occurs.
  • Another disorder is what is known as retrograde ejaculation where the semen mixes with urine in the bladder and fails to come out during sex. This is a condition that should be dealt with medically and treated to attain sexual health.
  • Erectile dysfunction is where the penis fail to raise for occasion and therefore penetration into the woman body cannot be successful. This is a problem where ejaculation can fail to occur.

What is the quality of the semen

When a man ejaculates semen is what is released and it is usually contain sperms that are used to fertilize a woman. However there are several semen problem that are associated with semen:

  • Quality of the semenLow sperm count – this is where the semen ejaculated contain fewer sperm than the required level. This is dangerous to every man since it can have a problem in fertility of a man. With fewer sperms this means that the chances of the egg being fertilized become low.
  • Low semen volume – this is a low quantity of semen that is ejaculated in one single ejaculation. Low seven will also affect fertility since sperm movement will be affected and sperm i cannot flow freely. This problem can be solved by taking the volume pills so that increase the amount of semen you produce.

It’s clear that both female and male ejaculation occurs at the climax of sexual intercourse. You should make your partner satisfied by making her or him to ejaculate.